For nearly 40 years Frank Erl has braved the Yukon's wilderness in a tireless pursuit of gold. In the process he has become one of Canada's most experienced and skilled placer miners and prospectors.

During the early 60's, after travelling throughout North America, Frank found himself heading far North. He began working at a silver mine in Keno Hill, where he was eventually promoted to Operations Manager. Years of hard work later, he saved enough money to go out on his own.
Following some research, Frank decided to start a placer mine in a remote area of Northern Yukon called Highet Creek. He chose this location based on its history -- it was an area that already had been prospected for gold by miners during the Klondike.

Frank built a wood cabin, invested in a bulldozer and tools, and began to mine. The first few years were very challenging -- he always thought his job at the silver mine was hard, but he found placer mining on his own to be even more demanding. He stuck to it, though, and his persistence paid off.

Over time, Frank expanded his operation by building a fleet of heavy machinery, and staking another series of claims near scenic Minto Lake. The decades that followed saw many mining operations come and go, but Frank remained a constant presence, forging ahead and establishing himself as one of the few expert pioneers of the ancient craft of gold mining.
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